Mountpark Wroclaw is close to the A4 highway, which provides excellent access to Wroclaw City Centre, Krakow, Katowice and the German border, together with rapid connections to major transportation links in Central and Eastern Europe.

With the A8 Highway (Wroclaw outer ring road), the site has excellent access to Wroclaw airport and other parts of the city.

100 Metres to the A4 Highway
6 KM to the A8 Highway
16 KM to Wroclaw Airport
25 KM to Wroclaw City Centre

Wroclaw is the capital and principal city of the Lower Silesia region. The city has a population of 642,900, while Lower Silesia contains a population of approximately 2,900,000 providing a strong labour pool. Wroclaw’s transport infrastructure includes three international highways, two river ports and Wroclaw Copernicus Airport.

Over the past two decades the region has attracted many significant international and local investors and industries to establish their manufacturing and supply chain operations in and around Wroclaw.

159 KM to the German border
192 KM to Katowice
100 KM to Czech border
370 KM to Warsaw