Royal Mail

Warrington Omega is the North West's premier distribution park and a multi-award winning scheme. As a result of the park's connectivity and accessibility, it has quickly established itself as a proven location for logistics / warehouse occupiers as demonstrated by the major global companies present at the park.

Logistics and supply chain efficiencies are all about location. Boasting unrivalled connectivity, situated at the epicentre of the North West population and infrastructure, Mountpark Warrington Omega is strategically located for the growth and success of your business.

Located within 45 minutes' drive of two major consumer hubs (4.2 million population) Mountpark Warrington Omega is an ideal location for both online fulfilment and regional Business-Business operations.

0.1 miles to M62 J8
3 miles to M62 J21A
10 miles to Widnes Rail Freight Terminal
16 miles to Manchester
16 miles to Liverpool
17 miles to M56 J9
20 miles to Manchester Airport
23 miles to Liverpool Container Port

Mountpark Warrington Omega is an ideal location for both online fulfilment and regional Business - Business operations.

Located in close proximity to courier networks unlocking time in the fulfilment process, enabling the latest possible order cut-off timed delivery services.

All major Delivery depots under an hour's drive.

All major parcel carriers (domestic and international) have collection and delivery depots within a 1 hour drive and national sorting hubs within a 3 hour drive, 3 of which are located on the Omega park itself.

Well connected for regional distribution with a strong consumer catchment.


Active consumers within a 2 hour drive.

These consumers account for:


of the UK spend on clothing and footwear


of the UK spend on household goods

37% of the working age population use a private motor vehicle to get to work.

Within 30 minutes' drive there is a work force ready and waiting:

Unemployment levels are higher than the national average.

5.6% of the working age population are currently seeking work (GB average is 4.4%).

Within 30 minutes' drive there is a workforce with a diverse skill set:


  • 60,500 (9%) process, plant and machine operatives
  • 87,500 (13%) people in elementary occupations
  • 78,000 (21%) people in technical roles
  • 60,000 (27%) people in managerial roles


Working age population of over 1 million people within a 30 minute drive


28% (286,000 people) of which have skills related to warehouse operations inc. including; elementary, engineering and managerial roles


Local population is predicted to grow by 2% over the next 10 years; the percentage working age will increase above the UK average (61%)


Population growth supported by 5,668 new homes planned within a 30 minute drive


1,400 new homes located within Warrington Omega will support the population growth and enhancing the immediate labour pool