20th September 2022

With the start of the 2022/2023 volleyball season, Mountpark has become the title sponsor of men’s volleyball team, SPS Katy Wroclawskie. The team, which plays in the Lower Silesia League, is now known as SPS Mountpark Katy Wroclawskie.

Katy Wroclawskie is near Mountpark Wroclaw, the high specification logistics park that Mountpark is developing to meet the demand for national and regional distribution hubs in Lower Silesia. With a building permit to provide 140,000 square metres of logistics space at Wroclaw, Mountpark has already let a 52, 542 square metre unit to GEODIS.

“We have been working in the Wroclaw area for a number of years, so we are delighted to be the title sponsor of SPS Mountpark Katy Wroclawskie,” said Piotr Michalski, Managing Director, Central Europe at Mountpark. “The club is a valuable part of the local community and we are proud to support its continuing success.”

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