Baldonnell I

An eye to the future: construction and education at Mountpark Baldonnell.

18th July 2019

At Mountpark, we realise that our developments become part of the local community and we do our best to be good neighbours. One of the ways we can contribute is to use our sites and expertise to create new education and training opportunities for young people.

At Mountpark Baldonnell, our logistics development in Dublin, we worked with Carline Learning Centre, a facility providing educational, social care and mental health services for young people aged 13-17, who have been excluded from or are no longer in mainstream secondary schools.

As a first step, working with our main contractor, mac-group, we carried out some essential repair works at the Learning Centre – funded by Mountpark and mac-group – and we also organised a site visit for the students.  After a tour of the Baldonnell site, the mac-group team talked to the students about the different aspects of running a construction project and discussed with them the different career opportunities that the construction industry offers.

Following the visit, we were delighted to hear that two of the students had expressed an interest in taking up apprenticeships in construction.

“It was a pleasure working with Carline Learning Centre and we were all very happy to hear that our involvement has had a positive impact and opened up new opportunities for the students,” said Wal Groves, Construction Director, Mountpark.

Mountpark will continue to develop its education and training programme, in line with local needs, at all development projects across the UK and Ireland.

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